Bedford QLC Portee with 6 pound anti-tank gun.; digital image by Les Still - Mystic Realms

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Bedford QLC Portee with 6 pound anti-tank gun
Bedford QLC Portee with 6 pound anti-tank gun
Bedford QLC Portee with 6 pound anti-tank gun
Bedford QL series Trucks
The   most widely used, British made 4x4 truck  during   World War 2 was the Bedford QL , with a total of   52,247 delivered between 1941 and 1945. Many   continued in service with British forces well into   the 1950's. The 'signal wagon' Bedford QLR saw   service until the early 1970s. It was powered by a   3.5 litre, six cylinder petrol engine driving a four   speed gearbox. Four wheel drive was engaged via a   two-speed transfer box. Gross weigh in standard form   was 6 tons 17 cwt with a  payload of around 3tons.   The main variants were as follows:-
Bedford QLB  -  This model had a special body   designed to house a crew of eight men plus driver   and was intended as a tractor for the 40mm Bofors   anti aircraft gun.
Bedford QLC  -  This model had a 1 ton cargo body   immediately behind the cab and a permanently   attached 6 ton semi-trailer.
Bedford QLD  -  Was an standard open-bodied (with a   tarpaulin cover) 3-ton cargo truck. Special versions   were produced as workshops, kitchens, offices and   battery storage trucks.
Bedford QLR  -  This model was a wireless truck and   had a 'house' type body with a canvas side   extension.
Bedford QLT  -  This was the troop carrier version   with extended body for an intended load or 29 men   and their equipment. 3,373 Bedford QLTs were made    before the war ended.
Bedford QLW  -  This winch equipped model had a 3   cubic yard Edbro tipper body. About 1000 Bedford   QLWs were produced  of which the last 600 were   designed to be air-portable, the Bedford QLW, APT   version.
These are the 'official' variants but there were   numerous other vehicles built using the Bedford QL   chassis. One main variant was the only soft-top cab   version of the Bedford QL  was produced to meet the   needs of the campaign then being fought in North   Africa. This desert version was a modified QLC   intended to carry a 6 pound anti-tank  gun. The   'Portee' was designed to carry the gun in such a   position as to permit firing over the cab. On the   successful conclusion of the North African campaign   most were fitted with G5  bodies.
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