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Lancia 1ZM Armoured Car
Lancia 1ZM Armoured Car an airbrush illustration by Les Still
Lancia 1ZM Armoured Car an airbrush illustration by Les Still
Lancia 1ZM Armoured Car

Crew;- 6
Armament; Twin 8mm St. Etienne Model 1907 machine guns   (see below)
Armour;- 6mm (0.25") maximum.
Dimensions;- Length 18'9" (5.714m), width 6' 4"   (1.937m), height 7' 11" (2.499m).
Weight;- combat 9,240lbs (4192kg).
Engine;- four cylinder water cooled petrol engine   developing 70bhp at 2,200rpm.
Performance;- Road speed 37mph (60km/h), road range 270   miles (435km), gradient 16%.
History;- In service with the Italian army from 1915 to   1941, Also used by Austria, Albania and both sides in   the Spanish Civil War.
Development;- The Lancia was the standard armoured car   of the Italian Army during the First World war, having   entered service in 1915. Twenty of the first model were   built, these being armed with three 6.5mm machine guns,   two in the main turret and one in a smaller turret on   top of the main turret. The second model, known as the   Lancia 1 ZM followed in 1917 and 110 of this model were   built. The Lancia armoured car consisted of a standard   Lancia light truck chassis fitted with a hull of armour   plate with a maximum thickness of 0.24" (6mm),   conversion work being carried out by the Ansaldo   company. Seven firing slits were provided, three in each   side of the hull and one in the rear and two entry doors   were provided on each side of the hull. Main armament   consisted of two French St. Etienne 8mm machine guns   with an elevation of +35" and a depression of -15". Some   15,000 rounds of machine gun ammunition were carried. A   third St. Etienne could be mounted in the rear firing   port. Four French Chauchat light machine guns were also   carried and there were 4,800 rounds of ammunition for   these weapons. After World War 1 the French St. Etienne   weapons were replaced by Italian FIAT 6.5mm machine   guns, which were water cooled, while the Chauchat   machine guns were replaced by 8.5mm Model 91 carbines.   In 1935 the water cooled machine guns were replaced by   FIAT air cooled machine guns. The pair of angled rails   at the front of the hull was to assist the vehicle   passing through barbed wire obstacles. After World war 1   a few of these vehicles were issued to the Italian   police for use in the internal security role. They were   used by Italians in China, Spain, East Africa and   possibly Libya. They were finally phased out of service   in 1941.

from The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of the Worlds Tanks   and Fighting Vehicles - Salamander Press
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